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Outsmarting The Opposition: Roberto De Zerbi's Tactical Approach To Short Passing and One-Touch Triangulations

De Zerbi

The Philosophy

Roberto De Zerbi is a young and innovative coach known for his unique approach to building up play in football. He prioritizes short passing, one-touch triangulations, ball control, and clever tactics to create a high-tempo, possession-based style of play.

These strategies not only result in attractive and successful football, but also allow teams to outsmart their opponents.

One-touch Triangulations

One key aspect of De Zerbi’s philosophy is the use of one-touch triangulations. By passing the ball quickly between players in close proximity, teams are able to maintain control and move the ball up the field efficiently.

This creates space for attacking players and forces the opposing defense to adjust.

Tactical Aspect

De Zerbi’s teams also prioritize ball control and retention, keeping the ball on the ground and using precise passes to maintain possession and control the tempo of the game.

In addition, they employ tactics such as pausing on the ball and delaying the action to draw the opposing team’s press forward and expose gaps in their defense.

In Conclusion

Brighton is one example of a team that has been able to successfully implement De Zerbi’s approach, creating numerous scoring opportunities and controlling the tempo of the game.

Keep an eye on Roberto De Zerbi’s future developments as he is a coach with a bright future and an innovative approach to the game.